Eldritch The Cat Mk III : 1990 - 1991

Part 3 of the Eldritch The Cat story. Parts 1 & 2 are  here   and here . Jim Savage, Mark McCubbin, Dave Colclough, Steve Wetherill, Martin Calvert, Dave Collins New Digs Mark McCubbin had found himself an office in the Brunswick Docks, part of Liverpool's docklands. The docklands saw new life following the significant renovations undertaken in the Albert Dock, close to Liverpool's city center. The renovated Brunswick Dock, further away from the city center, was divided into affordable office space. Mark's office was tiny and inexpensive, and it got us thinking: there are other, larger offices in the Brunswick complex; perhaps we could join forces and share a larger office space? And so it came to be that Eldritch The Cat moved out of my house to a new office, a windowless room in an otherwise decent building that was once an ancillary part of Brunswick Dock: Century Building Section 5, Brunswick Business Park, Tower Street, Brunswick Dock, Liverpool 3. And Then

Eldritch The Cat Mk II : 1989 - 1990

Part 2 of the Eldritch The Cat story. Part 1 is here , part 3 is here . During the development of Projectyle, Marc & I wanted to kick off another game to increase our studio's cash flow and fill Marc’s plate after Astaroth was completed. We tried several things, none of which saw the light of day or exist in any shape or form today. It is difficult to recall the exact order of the things we tried, but here goes with an accounting of a few more games that weren't.  The Projectyle Box Heart of Yesod In short, Heart of Yesod was an attempt to bring some game characters and art styles from the Odin Computer Graphics games into the 16-bit era, with Colin Grunes on art. I've covered this in some detail on this blog  here .  Special Eyes Right around the time Ultimate resurfaced as Rare and started doing press in the popular game magazines, talking about their 'Razz' arcade board, Marc & I figured we’d get in touch with them and pitch them a game. We created som