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Electronic Arts UK : 1992 - 1993

Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! John Betjeman, 1937 After the closure of Eldritch The Cat and after surviving the development of Under Pressure, I interviewed at Electronic Arts UK in Langley (near Slough), where I ultimately started in January 1992 as "Senior Programmer,” reporting to Director of Development Joss Ellis. I was to be responsible for all internal software development; the appropriate title would follow, but for now, EA had a vacancy for a senior programmer, so a senior programmer I was. The internal development team was small, just myself, Stefan Walker (we meet again!), who was working on LHX Amiga, and Gary Roberts, who was working on the Amiga Port of John Madden Football.  Since I was a senior programmer, I had to do some senior-programmering, and it was determined that the bestest senior-programmering I could do would be a Sega Genesis port of the Amiga game, "Risky Woods." I was offered the opportunity to work on the FLOPS game, but I could