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Wide Ranging Interview with the Retro Hour Podcast

Manic Miner to Command & Conquer with Steve Wetherill - The Retro Hour EP322 Check out the link below for a wide-ranging interview I did with Dan and Ravi at the Retro Hour podcast!  Here are some examples of topics covered: On Matthew Smith and the "Megatree" game "Matthew also, toward the end of my time at Software Projects, he and Marc Wilding and Stoo Fotheringham were teamed up to build the "Megatree" game, which was supposed to be Matthew's next thing. So those guys were actually working out of the house that was owned by Software Projects that I was living in, so I would sort of pass them in the morning as I left to commute to the office, because I was working out of the Software Projects office, and then I would see them in the evenings when I got back." On the Atari ST "I just like the fact that it was basically, you know, there's a 68000 chip, a bunch of memory, and a screen buffer that lives at a certain address in memory, and t