Eldritch The Cat Bio a la Projectyle Poster


And so it came to pass that Stairways Nitespot for the Homeless did beckon them forth from the seclusion and safety of Software Projects, and they did partake of the wine, and they did partake of more wine, and they did partake of the curry. And lo, the great god Thor did appear, luring the young Innocents into the house of the omnipotent Odin. Long did they toil. Wet did they sweat. Games by the score did they transcribe. Smashes by the Crash did they endure. Sizzles by the Zap did they survive. Nodes of Yesod, Robin of Woods, Heartland, Hypaball, et al, did they do. And thus, in the splendour of the Hall of the Goddess Beatrice, who sometimes goes by the name Busby, did mighty Odin come to grief. And so, crosswise into the wilderness, the vast ocean of nothingness where no armies move, were the two prodigals cast. Evil she-devils did they encounter, sent forth by the offspring of Hew, and that mischievous sprite Denton had designs on their souls. Many moons later, our two heroes chanced upon an unearthly feline being, an Eldritch Cat, deserted and abandoned by its owner, the wicked beast from the garden of England. The three, the three who are one, as friends would say, became one, and set sail for the Westward lands in a magical ship of the air, but they had to come back to finish Projectyle. And to this day it is said that in the stillness of the night, when the moon is full in the sky, when there is just one more match to play, that if one listens very carefully, one can almost hear the distant howling of an Unearthly Feline.


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